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Avoiding Jail While You Wait For Your Trial

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When you land in jail because of charges filed against you, losing your freedom can be devastating. If you are working and have a family to support, being unable to get to your job because you are incarcerated while you wait for a trial is only going to make matters worse. Unless the judge denies bail because your charges are serious and you are considered a flight risk, you will have options. If bail is set, there are a number of ways you can meet your bail in order to get out jail while you prepare for your trial in court. If your freedom is at stake, it is necessary to consider all of your options.

Talk with Friends and Family Members

If you have a friend or family member that can post bail for you, consider yourself lucky. When a person has the money you need to pay your bail, all they have to do is pay it and you are free. Your job is to get to court for all court dates, or your friend could be out some or all of your bail amount. Your bail is set according to your flight risk and the nature of your crime. If you don't show up, you can expect your bail will be higher or eliminated the next time.

Work with a Bail Bond Agent

When you don't have a big bank account or wealthy friends, a bail bond agent can secure your release instead. You will need to come up with cash that will cover roughly 10% of the overall price of your bail. The bail bond agent then files a bail bond with the court on your behalf. The 10% or so is your bail bond fee, and you do not receive this back. If you skip court, your bail bond agent has the legal right to apprehend you and bring you back to court. 

Use Collateral to Secure Your Bail

If you own property that is valued at the cost of your bail or higher, you can use the property as collateral to secure your release from jail. If your bail is set high, this is an alternative that is not obtainable for many people. You can also have a friend or family member use property to pay your bail.

When your freedom is at risk, it's important to look at all of your options when you have bail set.