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Bailed Out After a Domestic Violence Arrest: What to Know

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Domestic incidents include almost anything from raised voices to physical altercations. Law enforcement must follow certain guidelines when they respond to a domestic call and often, someone ends up being arrested. If you know a friend that has been jailed because of a domestic violence arrest, there are things you need to know before you bail them out. Read on and find out what to know.

Is Bail Possible?

Bail is a financial payment made to the court so that defendants can be released from jail. Bail also comes with certain rules that must be followed. Since domestic violence is considered an (alleged) violent offense, bail may be more challenging for some. The key to being offered bail comes down to whether the defendant could be dangerous to the alleged victim or others. Other issues that might go into the decision to offer bail to such a defendant include:

  • Previous record of violent offenses.
  • The degree of injury the alleged victim suffered. For example, if they had to be hospitalized, bail may be out of the question since the offense could be a felony.
  • The characteristics of the defendant. (Their employment, home location, family nearby, and more are taken into consideration.)  

Helping Your Friend with Bail

Once you know your friend can be bailed out, consider how to pay their bail. The bail fee charged may be many hundreds of dollars and is not very affordable for many. However, you can save money and still get your friend out of jail by using a bail bonding agency. These businesses are located near the jail and offer to get your friend out of jail for only a small percentage of the bail cost. For example, if the bail charged is $5,000, you might pay only $750 if the bail agency charges a 15% premium fee. That means you are saving thousands of dollars. Bail bonds are often easy to arrange, and they take care of all the details at the jail. You just pick up your friend outside the jail and take them back to the bail bonding company to sign some paperwork. Here is what else to know about bail bonds:

  • Your friend must agree to all the bail conditions. The main condition is coming back in a few months for a court appearance.
  • When you pay the full bail amount to the court, the money is refunded after the case is over. Bail bonds, however, are not refundable, but they are much less expensive in the first place.

Phone a bail bond service and find out more today.